We offer you a team that will get successfully all those details and functions that you can imagine for your website. Because if you want to start or keep on growing your business on these times, you need to be part of Internet.

Mobile App

Mobile applications are gaining ground, allowing any company or freelancer to reach potential customers. Digital Saiz will make possible you to earn that spot.

Desktop App

We are specialized analyzing and implementation of solutions to computerize your business processes to meet specific needs based on the strategic and operational objectives of your business.


We have experiences in the field of E Commerce, travel and tourism, rent car, booking hotels and flight reservations.


Logo & Branding

The corporate identity is typically visualized by way of branding and the use of trademarks, but it can also include things like product design, advertising, public relations etc...

Print Design

Print design remains prevalent in society through all forms of communicative design. We can provide many of print design like Posters, Brochures, Flyers, Packaging labels, Business cards, Book covers, Book design and layout, Magazines, Banners, Receipts, Shopping bags and more

Video Production

Marketing videos are made on the basis of campaign target. Explainer videos are used for explaining a product, commercial videos for introducing a company, sales videos for selling a product and social media videos for brand awareness

3D Modeling

3D modelling is also used in the field of Industrial Design, wherein products are 3D modeled before representing them to the clients.

Online Marketing

Engine Optimization

We care about the sites we design are made according to the criteria established for a good Google SEO, get more visits to your site and thus higher profits.


Pay-per-click, along with cost per impression and cost per order, are used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Pay-per-click has an advantage over cost per impression in that it tells us something about how effective the advertising was.

Email Marketing

Re-marketing Strategies. Remind your customers why they decided to chose your services and they will stay with you.

Social Media Marketing

There are many more possibilities for new real customers using Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others social networks.


Technical Support

Our goal is to avoid any problem on your software or devices that paralyze the functioning of your business.

Smart Home & Cameras

Digital Saiz will make your home smart and safety. We involv the control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart thermostats), ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and security, as well as home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers.